My First Vlog – FaceApp Review

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This is video 1 in my V log series or
video blog series thought I’d go ahead
and give it a shot so bear with me. We
may have some some fun moments it’s
basically like live TV because I’m
trying to do it all in one shot, but I
wanted to go ahead and talk today about
a new application for your smartphone
and it’s available for Android and iOS
and it’s called FaceApp it’s being used
by musicians actors even some
politicians, but there has been some
concern because it’s been developed by a
Russian tech firm. Now, what this app
allows you to do is it allows you to
take a selfie and manipulate the photo
in various ways. What most people are
using it for is to see what they’re
gonna look like when they get older and
I’m told it does a pretty good job
however there have been some recent
reports that all kinds of nefarious
things are going on in the background.
Well, an article came out just last week that
said it might be a little bit overblown.
Contrary to the initial beliefs it does
not upload your entire photo library.
Now apparently when you want to
manipulate a photo it will upload that
photo just so it can do all the image
processing on the server side. There’s
also no evidence that the company has
ties to the Russian government, or that the
data that they collect is stored on Russian based
servers. They actually use Amazon servers
according to an interview that one of
the Google execs had with the CEO. But I
do need to note one thing though their
Terms of Service state that they have a
perpetual irrevocable non-exclusive
royalty-free and worldwide license to
use any photos that are uploaded. Experts
say this is a pretty common language
chances are you’re probably using
another app that has very similar
language if you actually went through it
and read that big huge long EULA that
they all want you to go ahead and read
which I almost never read, although I do
now and I’ll tell you about that in
another video.
But I don’t care if my
picture ends up on some Russian website
in fact maybe I’ll get a bride out of it…
so I thought we’d run through it
today just take a look at it see some of
the functionality and I’ve already got
it pulled up here and we’re gonna go
ahead and install it. This is the Android
version. I’m not sure how the iOS
version may differ, but it
should be pretty much the same. We’ll go
ahead and open her up here. These are
just kind of some of the various things
that can be done with the app again if
you decide to download the app you can
run through that at your leisure. Here
we go this is the big disclaimer “cloud
photo processing each photo you select
for editing will be uploaded to our
servers for image processing and face
transformation.” In parentheses they
should have and we can do whatever we
want whenever we want for whatever
reason we want for all time, but they
don’t say that. But it’s in the EULA,
trust me. So we’re gonna go ahead and
agree for today’s little demonstration I
am going to go ahead and risk it for you
people the fans the audience yeah we’re
gonna go ahead and allow it. I’m
using my webcam so we’ll see how good a
job it does it detected me and see if we
can get a good picture out of it
it’s kind of hard to get my face in here.
Now let’s see what we can do with this
photo. All right let’s just run through
the smiles I got a pretty straight face
which is great for this exercise… and
there you go now I’m smiling.
I gotta admit thought of processing
pretty good it looks very natural
apparently there’s a lot of Pro features
on here so I’m not sure I want to go
through all that. Here’s the aging one
this is the one I was really interested
to see and oh wow that does an
incredible job.
I gotta tell you I kind of look like my
stepdad. It’s funny I look more like my
stepdad in that picture than I do my
real dad hmm not sure how that worked
out but this says cool old let’s see
what what I look like if I’m cool. A tiny
bit more hair on top and maybe some more
facial hair. Now that really looks like him if you
took some of the hair on top off.
Apparently we can see what we would have
looked like when we were young. Not
bad. It actually does a pretty good job
smooth out all the aging signs, wrinkles
crow’s feet whatever you want to call it.
I’ve already got a beard so
I’m not really that interested in that
but let’s see what I would look like
with black hair… and there you go Eddie
Munster. It looks like you can toggle 
how black it is based on this slider
here let’s see what else we’ve got
hairstyles. You can see what I look like with
bangs. oh wow yeah there you go to the
fifth Beatle that’s great.
How about glasses? Very studious I like it.
Okay now we’re gonna go to fun let’s see what’s under
here. There’s a little picture in
picture bubble. Let’s see what I’d look like as a female.
Wow! That looks a lot like my mother
except cross-eyed. Go figure
fall down a well eyes go cross, get
kicked by a mule, you go back to normal.
We did hair color. Let’s see what this
cool style is. That’ll be interesting.
Again not in my opinion what cool looks
like, but they are in Russia so maybe
that’s what’s in in Russia. I have no
Hollywood up looks like again it does some
airbrushing, some digital airbrushing.
We’ve got gender swap right here and
again I don’t know why every time they
turn me into a female I’m cross-eyed. Do they
think all women are cross-eyed? Maybe in
Russia they are. No, I’ve seen pictures
there’s some very attractive Russian
Apparently there’s some more hair
colour filters. It says time travel.
Oh that’s kind of cool it
gives you the young version the today
version and the old version.
More females we. We’ve got full beard, blond
hair, black hair, brown hair. We can see
what I look like is a ginger. Yeah well
the problem is it didn’t get the facial
hair. I think if it did, that it would be
a lot better.
Let’s see what I’d look
like with no hair. There we go…
my buddy Izzy would be very proud. Izzy I
hope you’re watching this video because
you and I would be birds of a feather if
I were to shave my head.
You got tight smile. Let’s see what
sunglasses is. There we go, so if you
want to see what you look like is a
state trooper make sure you click on
that filter.
We’ve got long hair. True story,
in high school I had long hair. Long
blonde hair down to about here. It
wasn’t pretty looking, but let’s see
what it thinks I’d look like with long
hair now.
Wow! yeah it’s like if Eddie Vedder had a
baby… with an uglier Eddie Vedder!
That is not attractive at all. good thing
I’m going short hair now. Goatee, I’ve had a
goatee lots of times in the past and
yeah not a whole lot of difference.
Anyway, lots of other things like layouts
that you can play with and things like
that but you get a general idea of what
you can do in the app. So I hope this has
been educational and informative. Again
if you ever need any kind of tech
support or computer repair go to our
website it’s and
you can also give us a call it’s two oh five
three five four two five three five four
two two two five see I’ve only had it
for like a week or two and I couldn’t
remember it. Darn cell phones you can’t
remember any phone numbers anymore.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video
there’s going to be more to come
including an entire series of ten.
It’s gonna be the top ten questions that
I get when I’m out on IT calls
and things like that from customers that
I think you guys might can benefit from.
So make sure and look for that in the
future. Until next time… have a great day!

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